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"If you don't smile you don't enjoy the little things".

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Crying over the perfection of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Crying over the perfection of Tom Hiddleston.

Crying over the perfection of Andrew Scott.

Crying over the perfection of Michael Fassbender.

Crying over the perfection of James McAvoy.


Let’s Talk About Movies:

What makes it so appealing to the audience?

"For actors, it’s a cinematic gift, a chance to play a characteristic as well as a character. For directors, it’s a chance to explore the psyche in visual and narrative detail. For audiences, it’s a window into a world they will (hopefully) never experience. When combined in the just the right way, without histrionics or spectacle, the results can be incredible." - Source


The Forest of Oma, Basque Country | Spain

The forest of Oma, one of Basque artist Agustín Ibarrola’s best known works, is an example of “land art”, a creative trend that first appeared in the 1960s and which seeks to take art to nature and use the countryside as the artist’s frame, support and medium.

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when someone asks u for help on something ur good at


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